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Urban Elements Foundation (UEF) is a non-profit that develops slum-upgrading projects while empowering Latin American and West African informal settlements to build net-zero homes, decentralized energy districts, water and waste circular life-cycle streams. The objective is to restore the balance of threatened ecosystems which deliver long-term health to the socially and environmentally vulnerable populations. Some projects are global in nature and tackle cross-sectoral landscape approach within design, planning and development. 

Urban Elements seeks to create environmentally, socially just informal settlements where the community is invited to develop its own social capital for an inclusive financial system via policy change, built environment and infrastructure. The organization strives to incorporate true governance into each project. 


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The projects will be replicated in other cities throughout the Western hemisphere using our Latin American regional expertise. The organization is currently registered as well as fully functioning in Venezuela, and all rights are bound by the legal framework of La Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela. 





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