El Calvario, Caracas, Venezuela

Mabe spearheaded UEF work in an informal settlement located in El Hatillo, which is part of the Metropolitan area of Caracas and located in South-East section of the city. El Hatillo is commonly known for its lowest density per hectar of the five municiplaities, the lowest temperatures, the highest humidity rate, and a relatively higher vegetation when the big parks of El Parque Del Este, Jardin Botanico are taken out of the analysis (since they are outliers). She is working on developing a mutifunctional flower path in dedication to the Virgin Mary del Carmen, patron saint of the barrio. The flower path will create an underground infrastructure to avoid mudslide risk and decrease humidity as well as Zika virus through ladnscape design and underground infrastructure that holds the soil and manages water. It also will serve to develop governance practices currently lacking. 

NY, NY and London, UK

Our work tries to understnad the historic and current dillemmas and socio-economic political and neighborhood policies in NY as well as London, to achieve a dialogue between Global North and Global South as well as experiment solutions at a community level. Our work has begun with a Health Assessment in an area of Brooklyn, whereby violence and strife mirrors some of the same issues inhabitants in Venezuela and Brazil undergo in terms of violence, security, housing and economic deficiencies. UEF experiements with a wide range of programs in London and NY, meant to serve as a first attempt in solving Latin American issues with programmatic recommendations. We also strive to ensure democratic and strong governance.


Helene and Abner are hard at work in Brazil with their international development understanding of Brazil. Helene is our new liaison to the Sao Paulo urban setting. She is achieving great strides in finding new oppoertunites in the development of our mission in various slums, as well as using her free time to research different potential sites for our 2017 pilot. Abner works in Brasilia and is starting a PhD, whereby his politcal savvy understanding of place is helping explore the nuances of maintaining our apolitcal agenda during the current socio-politcal and democratic crisis. Each will work in a different manner, but complimenting one another to fully tackle favela net-zero development from a wide range of perspectives. 




Caracas, Venezuela 1010

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