ecology, equity and economy

is a Foundation that strives to develop holistic interventions and put those out of work into an active job.

Upgrades with Artists is one way to accomplish slum-upgrades, we try to define what the community wants and adhere to those principles, while brining to them our expertise from urban development work in the Global North

Informal Artistry is one way to develop an informal area, and we find ways to connect the dots with other stakeholders and allow people to make a larger Return on Investment.

Material Reuse is a way to maintain resources supplied locally

Water Enhancing ways water is kept can make a huge difference in health outcomes, we re-organize water storage so that there is less incidence in dengue, mosquito born diseases, rodents or contamination.

Activate all those unemployed because Urban elements promises its investors 50% of the funds are being allocated through the host community's work, and we keep track of those numbers to do thorough economic analysis and report back.

Urban Gardens and landscape architecture are used so that ecological values are embraced within the work we deliver,

Color: we bring color back to place that have poverty and insecurity, often times violence at their feet.

Organize: we believe things are better den with proper social integration, inclusion and cohesion, and so we use design, and the built environment with the ecosocial communities to manage their communities. See CSS, out pilot in Venezuela! It speaks to this in the form of "condominiums" in the slum.

Enhance people's home to bring back a sense of pride and wellbeing. We believe the home is at the heart of every community.

Capacity Building: we develop capacity building with innovative ways that are being tried in New York and other areas of the world, so that Latin America can develop their dormant capabilities, seeing a return on their work with the other 50% of funds given abroad or nationally.

Protect: We protect through innovative ways of bringing back environmental technologies into the informal areas

We build with the people and develop alternatives to climate related issues, such as flooding and mudslides. We work with national and local governments and international organizations to accomplish this

Holistically, we build a healthier environment for plants, animals and people, that together must live, work and co-depend on one another.

The results...a VIBRANT colorful informal settlement, filled with a better quality of life and gender inclusion as well as a decrease in health impairments. Color is brought back.

We allow people to feel their local roots.

"Our holistically minded interventions, add color to any community, UEF begins in places that are polarized, often black/white realities, and analyze these "local" spaces, often times adding color, grane, and spice to achieve a colorful place, filled with democratic processes, happy people, active and proud of their home." 

Caracas, Venezuela 1010

All Images and Videos © Mabe Garcia