Mission Statement 

 The Urban Elements Foundation (UEF) is a non-profit organization that develops slum-upgrading projects while empowering Latin American informal settlements to build net-zero homes, decentralized energy, water and waste streams that restore the balance of threatened ecosystems, and deliver long-term health to the most vulnerable in society. 

Urban Elements seeks to create environmentally, socially just informal settlements, where the community is invited to develop its own social capital for an inclusive financial system via policy change, infrastructure and built environment.

The Organization
The charity/foundation works in 4 Latin American countries and USA (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica) and Washington D.C. in the USA,  to enhance the lives of people throughout Latin America and the Americas at large in edge communities (informal settlements).


The process involves a laboratory and social science approach to discover how urban sustainable cities are created in the practice through built retrofitted solutions in Affordable Housing compounds or for low-income residents of our pilot cities.


UEF has a parallel focus on social capital enhancement, using a wide array of tools such as strategic policy analyses and design, relying on economics (STATA AND SPSS), while enhancing competitive advantages.  



Our flexibility 

UEF invites leaders in risk areas who normally would not be able to build sustainable lifestyles to engage in micro-communities that embrace economic development through innovative financing schemes that include policy as a major component for integral community development at large scales.


The latter work with our mentors from our network of professionals to build sustainable structures for future generations that create regeneration rather than depletion of a neighborhood. 


UEF enables capacity building, governance strengthening, legitimacy improvement, and stakeholder connectivity so that community organizations, NGOs, and civil associations (CSOs), already existent in informal settlements, can connect to the expertise offered through our North American, British and Latin America network.


UEF share case-studies but ultimately empowers the end-user and creating top-down and bottom-up negotiations that meet global shifts with a local voice at its inception. 

We help local NGOs at the heart of risk chronic areas in informal neighborhoods to connect with: 

  • Our targeted business experts and urban resilient community knowledge.

  • Coherently socially relevant, designed campaigns, to target behavior change 

  • our economists to develop and value social capital, volunteer hours, and governance abiding neighborhoods with a unique accounting system

  • Connects one-off sustainable units (at the scales of homes) to the larger climate change goals achieved vis-a-vis international agreements and district level sustainable infrastructures!


We offer home credit, in forms of bonds called Micro Green Bonds for Sustainable Living, which will accumulate to then offer entrepreneurial businesses that align with green living.


Idea: Think net-zero homes + meet national agendas on climate change + meets microenterprises in developing countries and affordable housing complexes



Our shareholders


We become the organization, enabling the mixture of urban design with the latest in campaigning, new's outlets, business innovative structuring, and multiple-space development.


Our US office is opening in DC to offer potential undergraduate alumni and professionals.