Jose is a resident of Calvario Alto, the highest point of El Calvario's characterisically steep slope. He is the child of one of the first families to inhabit the area, informally around the formal side of East Caracas. His parents worked in the lands of the Lagunita Farm when it was still a farm before it was transformed into an elite country club. In the 1950s, the farm stopped producing agriculture, coffee and was sold which led to the dislodging of its live-in workers who had no choice but to find a place to live nearby as they no longer would provide faring services to La Hacienda. His family settled near the Chapel (see image below- Colonial patrimony), and set-up their home to be near the municiple offices, two churches, the plaza and grocery stores or abastos.


His father was well endowed in the art of carpentry, which is where Jose got his abilities to construct himself using wood and finding a love for the arts. He is a long-time resident, a true man of God in that he lives his life according to the precepts of Catholicism. This last point is significant because his beliefs are embedded and stamped into each of his actions.  He enjoys hard-work, doing good to others, and insistently volunteers in a myriad of projects to set up a healthy system for his neighborhood. He also is influenced to work gardening as it is associated with the beauties described in many of the Bible's passages. As many of the Calvario residents, they honor th Virgin Mary through the materialization of their work and good deeds apprent in the very structure of the neighborhood. His work and partnership with UEF is as head of a local foundation that is working as a start-up to establish ways to help local residents find ways for upward mobility. UEF is aiding their mission with alternative employment established by the organization and the flower path being given in honor of Virgn del Carmen. 


Jose worked for baruta municipality in his past and now works 6 am - 10 pm at a fruit chop in El Calvario. He uses his free time to do wood-work as a carpenter, and started a pilot flower program on the top of the hill. Jose is proud to speerhead the community segment of the Flower Path for the Virgin Mary on her special day Virgen del Carmen,  celebrated June 13th of each year. He is trying to couple each flower with a resident so the flowers are well taken cared of and looked after every day. He is a modern day community urbanist who follow-s urban best practice, as he convenes weekly community meetings for the residents to organize bottom-up events like a cook-out, gardening for the beuatification of the neighborhood, organizing festivals or using his craft to beauify his own home as well as others. His proposal for UEF was very well presented, showing his motivation in his advanced understanding of climate change and the use of flowers to combat the effects of climate change and the potential of mud slides in this area.