M.B G.




What if the concept of copper sits still


and with its self slowly tugs, shoves and stoically knows


its beautiful glow, that comes from nowhere but everywhere shows. 


it leads forward, for the power must slowly diminish its illusory glow


finding that its nothing, its mere self seeking to sluggishly imagine the shadow of    its own


it makes us wonder, search, go beyond its shores


finding nothing, no-one to explain this lightly imaginary shining store


we seek and find, for one night, a light


we like it


we calmly stay


and all the while, the stay grows old


the time creeps by, the sunset and the sunrise pass, 200 moons circulate


        ours to glimpse


        in a thoughtful cry


        we have the audacity to say good bye


        and to the sea, we set our way to be


        and with the sunsets reflection,

        we finally show


        the very thing we are no more


        the remains of the one day said and told


        have been lost within the windy storms


        the blazing sun, tucks its way once more


          so its in the night, when what seemed to scare us, we find at last- a familiar, infinite time that hides- but 'oh' no', we shout, we cry. 


          we seek the sun no more 


for within us, all along was the light we've shown


and in this light, the opposition of night and day, do not fool us 


the dot, the line, the square and cube


become four, five and six- replicating dimensions within its core


dichotomies stop to soar, replication, multiplicity seizes, keep no score


and there we see- infinity: its within itself whispers, surrenders:


and freedom we find, knowing we and all unite, 

     one tear

     one truth

     one life




     and to infinity again we go,

     alone or not,

     the internal light 

     must shine 

     back to its shore. 

     "oh here we go"  

Lost in Space

Beauty in the World inside my Head




A world in my head

Lost in thought and ideas

expressed yet shocked within the waves 

orbiting my sacred space


A world in my head

nothing left unsaid

moving, circling, stalled and hidden away


Lost in the space

in my head 

everything makes sense

yet to those around me

nothing expressed is gained


A world in my head

beauty expressed therein

Lord knows how beautiful life can be

if you can peek in my brain, assess the excess


A wall stumbles upon every heartfelt thought expressed




nothing linked

all lost word, thoughts, images and dreams locked away


A world in my head, if just could be exclaimed

the beauty of these worlds 

could be replicated, infinity 3 times, explored



oh how I yearn

someone come in and peek,

discover those special thoughts

I daintly take care of...

package, wrap and tie inside


I send out invites, yet movement, moving and change always stall my progress


How I hoped, longed and thought one day my head space

could reach the world

instead I write, just now 

within the musings of that special place in my head