Story - UEF molds, organically, space in Latin American.  Much of UEF's work focuses on the themes of nature and its cleansing characteristics. Beginning UEF's work in the mountains of Caracas (for its pilot), UEF has a deep understanding of the rich green outdoors.  With many landscape architects united with international development professionals, we begin projects through the natural landscape and work with its inhabitants as UEF's primary subject matter.   


What - UEF combines the science of life-cycle analyses to attract finance investors that build net-zero homes and mold new ecosystems that mix the natural world with the foundations of science and social theories.

How - We thrive to create racially united barrios that decompress the systematic polarization, which sadly maneuvers our cities as a political tool all over the Americas. We are a governance-abiding organization that strongly depends on rational choices dissecting neighborhood barrios using urban scenario-building software. With urban predictive scenarios offered through our variables, UEF begins considering the ecology (plants) and material/physical counterposition and offers to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, sustainably. 


Results - The combination of the organic with the rational and programmatic growth of barrios/favelas is essential to understand how cities can recover 80% of the world's population's living in "informal/nonformal" spaces into organized and ecosocial abundant spaces so as to enable art and inspiration that helps its citizens develop further.


This way a cohesive reality is intertwined, it uses elements of the disorganized settlement, harmoniously coexisting with the multitude of ideas (always apolitical) in each barrio/favela UEF touches. 

In conclusion, a balance is achieved through equitable peace and ecologically driven interventions that inhabit barrios with clean waterways, air, and homes. The latter are functional, beautiful, modern and yet introduce beauty and art in what are thought as "slums". 

Caracas, Venezuela 1010

All Images and Videos © Mabe Garcia