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Executive Directorate:

Executive Director & Founder/Owner: Mabe Garcia-Rincon

Full name: Maria Beatriz (Mabe) Garcia Rincon

Vice President : Ambassador Noel G. G.

Treasury & CFO: International Relations Expert Beatriz Elena de la Coromoto Rincon

Lawyer Representative: Dulce Alvarez. 

Local Slum Representatives: Mireilla (Rosa) Castro, 

Executive Health Assessment Expert and Lead: Sang Cho, Harvard GSD Landscape Architecture. 

Accountant: Cecilia R. 


Advisory Board: 

Ms. Lucy Wanjiru, Brandeis Alum UNDP member on Gender;  

Mentor Mr. Rodrigo Martinez, World Bank Climate Change Expert

Mr. David Governour, UPENN 


Outside Advisors:

Advisor: Maria Elena Marcano (Public Sector Professional with 60 years of experience, working in 4 Ministries of Venezuela). 

Advisor:  Senior Architect Julio Riquezes, (Recently passed, may he Rest in Peace - R.I.P) President of Venezuelan Association of Architects

Consulting Firm on Legal Matters and Branding


Brazil: Helene Meurrisse (LSE, London UK).

Costa Rica: Mariana Rendon, Graduate of UCL, London, UK, Lawyer, and International Development Project Manager

Project Manager: Mabe G. (LSE, London, UK) 

Mexico City, Mexico: Rafael Machado 


Country Offices: 

  • Caracas, Venezuela - Mabe Garcia, Cheo Carrvajal, Rafael Machado, and Consejo Comunal Calvario Medio ( 8 members)

  • Bogota, Colombia - Partnership with InSitu

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Sang Cho

  • San Jose, Costa Rica - Mariana Rendon (UCL Graduate, Lawyer and Consultant on Project Management of International Urban Projects

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil - Helene Meurisse (LSE Alum M.Sc in International Development and Urbanism; World Bank Group and IFC professional, expert in Small Business Development and activist in urban agriculture; promotes participatory processes)

  • Washington, DC: Mabe G 

  • London, UK: TBD Coming coon 

  • Madrid, Spain: Tere Garcia, Urbanist, Journalist for El Pais.



Accountant - Cecile R.

Lawyer for Registration Document and all Legal aspects Nationally and Internationally: Contracting and all affairs- Dulce A.

Committee for Participatory Advisory 2017 -

Calvario Medio Consejo (Council) 

Please email us first,  and we'll schedule a call. We work virtually throughout the Americas using skype and conferencing. 


Original Founders - Mabe Garcia Rincon, Edgar Altimano, Axel Becerra (University Professor in Mexico) 

Founding Team in addition - Adriana Guitierrez (Colombia, GSD Urban Planning Master Degree from Harvard University, Colombian Municipal Urban Designer), Laura Cepeda (Alum from JFK Harvard, University, Barranquilla), Alan Waxman (ecosocial development specialist, anthologist,, Judith Rodriguez (Harvard GSD Landscape Architecture Graduate - Caju Initiative; Abner Calixter (Brandeis University Alum - Caju Initiative). 


Colleagues and Partners: Involved in Costa Rican Health Assessment (HA) as well as Caracas Assessement 2015-2016: Sang Cho 


Partner in Costa Rica: Mayor Edgar Altimano - Mi Dulce Curridabat 


Registered in 2016 in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Registro Subalterno El Hatillo 5to Circuito

RIF (Tax ID: J- 408742675) Caracas, Venezuela (SENIAT APPROVED = IRS Approval)